Customer Experience Management

GIM direct uses CXM to measure the influence of image dimensions (on brand strength) and continues to develop the positioning of your company within the competitor environment …


Customer Feedback Management

With CFM, GIM direct enables your company to respond quickly, for example to a customer complaint…


Costumer Satisfaction Management

CSM is a GIM direct solution designed to monitor customer satisfaction for your company on a regular basis…



GIM direct is a company specialising in customer feedback and customer dialogue, and offering made-to-measure services …



Data privacy

GIM direct generates data with the express voluntary approval of the respondents and participants …


Global Interaction Management

GIM direct is all about Global Interaction Management. That is to say, we provide customer satisfaction and loyalty management, customer experience management and direct customer feedback.

GIM direct does not undertake research. Research is always anonymous and looks at customer groups. On the contrary, Global Interaction Management is personal and looks at the individual customer. Anyone taking part in our surveys does so voluntarily and declares their willingness to have their data passed on to our clients. This authorisation can of course be retracted at any time.

Global Interaction Management makes for a new quality of customer orientation. Companies are able to pinpoint and cater for the needs of their customer, and customers are able to provide direct feedback.

„Global Interaction Management focuses on the personal customer relationship. We are the individual mediator between companies and their customers.“

Customer orientation to the benefit of all

We at GIM Direct likewise consider customer orientation a top priority. Global Interaction Management knows neither local nor regional boundaries, nor do we confine ourselves to individual media.

We operate within the global world with its diverse array of information and communication media. Whether this be social media, classic media such as the telephone, or a personal interview, Interaction Management uses the channels favoured by its respondents.

Global Interaction Management sets store by achieving the greatest possible benefit for all those involved. Direct communication is particularly effective when it comes to the fast and expedient exchange and utilisation of expectations and experiences – in specific cases and as a basis for long-term improvements.