GIM direct = Global Interaction Management

GIM direct is a company specialising in customer feedback and customer dialogue. It uses a variety of channels to help make companies more accessible for their customers and support customer communication in all manner of situations. With GIM direct, communication is the name of the game. We manage interaction – at both the local and global levels. GIM direct is not a sales or distribution organisation, nor does it engage in research. GIM direct ensures that consumers are heard by companies, thus giving these companies the chance to respond individually to their customers.

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In dialogue with customers

GIM direct can draw on years of experience in the field of customer surveys and customer satisfaction ratings. We know how to enter into dialogue with customers, and how to uncover expectations and experiences, motives and objectives. We are therefore able to act as a mediator between companies and their customers.

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What GIM direct offers you

Our offer is based on three pillars: Customer Feedback Management (C.F.M.), Customer Experience Management (C.E.M.) and Customer Satisfaction Management (C.S.M.).

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