Customer Experience Management

Positioning within the competitive environment

Optimal positioning within the competitive environment is becoming increasingly important for companies. GIM direct Customer Experience Management measures the influence of image dimensions on brand strength at regular intervals and sheds light on whether or not it would make sense to reposition the brand.

Touchpoint & customer journey analysis

Each and every point of contact between a company and its customers can potentially play a part in positively influencing the brand experience. Classic customer journeys are used to sketch out the online and offline routes, from initial contact up to purchase and/or aftersales. Via touchpoint analysis, GIM direct Customer Experience Management then provides insights into the transfer rates within the customer journeys. Individual transfer rates (e.g. online > offline) can be ascertained for each group of customers. These customer groups may vary greatly, and with such information it is possible to design very specific marketing measures.

Customer segmentation

In order to address consumers via advertising and products in a way that reaps results, one needs to distinguish between the individual target groups rather than treating consumers as a homogeneous mass. As far as possible, people who react similarly to the marketing instruments and the company’s practices should be formed into segments. GIM direct Customer Experience Management then allows for a segment-specific marketing strategy with which to evaluate the client’s own brand positioning compared to that of the competition, identifying gaps in the market, identifying and focusing on relevant segments, and developing and testing segment-specific products, brands, communication and distribution in order to cater to the specific needs of the respective segments.

Integration of predictive big data analysis

The predictive integration of secondary data sources can serve as an early-warning system. In very specific projects of this kind, GIM direct Customer Experience Management combines its intensive experience in market research with the technical know-how required to prepare the right hypotheses and ultimately draw the right conclusions from what are sometimes enormous volumes of data.

Social media reputation

These days, systematic measurement via selective surveys is not always enough to measure a holistic brand image, especially if one considers the declining success of reaching young customer groups with this instrument. On the other hand, young customers routinely share their opinions in social media. GIM direct Customer Experience Management uses text analysis to measure and systematically evaluate these views.


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