Customer Satisfaction Management

Measuring, monitoring and tracking of emotional bonds and customer satisfaction

The ’GIM direct’ Customer Satisfaction Management systems enable regular measurement of customer satisfaction as a basis on which to devise suitable loyalty-boosting measures. Ideally, the success of the recommended action is then tested in a repeat run of the customer loyal study.

Determining target values for customer loyalty and NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The specification of attainable target ranges for sales and customer support staff calls for substantial know-how. Sectoral benchmarks can be selected directly from the comprehensive data bases of the ‘GIM direct’ Customer Satisfaction Management systems in order to usefully classify staff guidelines and ensure that they are neither over-ambitious nor too lax.

Identifying best performers/low performers via key driver analysis

The ’GIM direct’ Customer Satisfaction Management systems allow a balanced collation of performance scores, thus paving the way for prioritised recommendations for action, while forecasting which individual improvements are most likely to maximise customer loyalty.


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