Customer Feedback Management

Real-time Feedback

A quick response time is vital, particularly in case of complaints. The faster the response, the more likely it is that customers will have a positive recall of the contact. With ‘GIM direct’ Customer Feedback Management systems, feedback can be prioritised and passed on directly to contacts at the company, thus allowing them to deal promptly with the issue.


These days, the younger customer groups in particular consume and handle information almost exclusively on mobile end devices, which is why it is no longer practical to conduct process management merely on the PC or via e-mails. For this reason, ‘GIM direct’ has also geared its Customer Feedback Management systems to mobile communication in order to reach all customer groups in real time.

Social Media

For certain groups of customers, it has now become normal to exchange attitudes and views via social media. This is why it is so important to pick up on and respond appropriately to relevant customer opinions in social media in order to maintain contact to customers in the relevant channels.


In order to shed light on the general sentiment among groups of customers, one must evaluate all communication channels and bundle them into meaningful KPIs. The ‘GIM direct’ Customer Feedback Management systems use so-called dashboards to define and measure the relevant KPIs.


Natalia Seibert
(Director Customer Experience)



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